Viewpoint: Highways would benefit from T-SPOLST

For years, south Georgia hasn't really gotten its fair share of money from the Department of Transportation. Many needed road projects have been delayed or called off altogether.

Soon, we'll have a chance to change that.

A new state law allows counties in various regions of the state to team up, charge an extra penny sales tax, and use the revenue for projects in that region. Dougherty County would be part of a 14-county southwest Georgia region.

City and county leaders throughout our area have already started meeting to come up with a list of proposed projects to put before the voters in 2012 . . . things such as widening Highway 133.

Leaders agree having a major 4-lane highway all the way from Albany to Valdosta would have a major impact on the area's economy.

We hope those leaders will work diligently together to come up with a strong list of projects they can sell to the voters. If they don't, the transportation SPLOST will be doomed.

Nobody likes to pay more taxes, but sometimes paying a little can have a big payoff.

Hopefully, that will be the case with THE T-SPLOST.