Viewpoint: Beefing up APD's thin blue line

In light of increases in crime across not only Albany, but across the nation, it's very encouraging to see the Albany Police Department increase its number of officers to protect our community.

Recently, a dozen men and women were sworn in as Albany Police Officers.  When Chief John Proctor was hired 16 months ago, he had 42 entry level vacancies and 27 supervisory vacancies.

His primary goal was to bring in more street level officers to have a greater presence in the community.

The new officers had to go through 10 weeks of physical and weapons training, defense tactics, and various tests.

Chief Proctor has been steadily increasing the number of officers hired in Albany, officers who have prior experience and not just looking to hold a job!

He also aims to hire quality officers.  He interviews from across the country and in fact, some of the new officers recently sworn in, are from out-of-state and are now calling the "Good Life City" home.

This is a major step in bringing the Albany Police force back up to a full force.  Although it hasn't happened over night, we commend Chief Proctor on being deliberate in his hiring of new officers to protect our community.