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Olympic Bombing Civil Suit Renewed By Albany Man

(Atlanta-AP) --A state appeals court has revived a lawsuit filed by a victim of the Olympic Park bombing, saying a jury must decide whether Olympic organizers are partially responsible for damages from the bombing.

The Georgia Court of Appeals yesterday refused to dismiss the suit by John Hawthorne, husband of bombing victim Alice Hawthorne, clearing the way for it to move to trial.

Hawthorne claims the park failed to secure and evacuate the area when it got a report there was a bomb 22 minutes before it exploded.

Bombing suspect Eric Rudolph was arrested May 31st in Murphy, North Carolina, after more than five years on the run.

The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games maintains it can't be sued because the events at the park, which included a free concert and vending businesses, were recreational in nature and protected from lawsuits by state law.

The court's ruling yesterday said -- quote -- "Given all the conflicting evidence on the social and economic aspects of the park, we cannot say that the nature of the park was so obviously recreational that summary judgment was appropriate."

Hawthorne said -- quote -- "Now with the capture of Eric Rudolph and this decision I am more positive that we will finally get justice."

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