Viewpoint: Time to let Lott go?

We should not be surprised the finalist for the new Civic Center director position backed out.

Of course, he was afraid of the change coming with Al Lott's replacement, and that the new City Manager would not share the same mindset as the person hiring him.

We are amazed the City Commission feels it is a good idea to hire key personnel, and complete next year's budget, before the new City Manager is hired.

In any successful business, a new manager would be brought on board, allowed to hire his own key staff members, and have significant input into the budget process. Not doing so ties his hands, and limits the possibility for positive changes.

Too many of our elected City / County Commissions, and school boards, suffer from a lack of understanding the business fundamentals of hiring, firing, and budgeting.

If our City Manager was not working out, cut him loose. If he resigned, accept his two week's notice and move on quickly.

Accepting his working a long notice helps no one. It just creates an atmosphere of doubt, a lack of confidence, and the mistakes will follow.