Viewpoint: Parents need to send kids to correct school

Four South Georgians are charged with lying to get their children into schools they can't legally attend.

Two people in Dougherty County and two people in Valdosta went to jail for falsifying residency documents so their kids could attend schools in districts where they don't live.

These adults should be ashamed of themselves.

Not only are they lying, but they're forcing their children to lie as well.

And sadly, these four are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are lots more families who are lying so their children can attend schools they shouldn't.

We applaud school officials for going after these lawbreakers, and we hope that parents who are forcing their children to lie will stop!

You are setting a terrible example for them and teaching them at a young age that it's ok to break the law.

While your crime costs taxpayers money, your own children are the biggest victims.