Bye bye, bees!

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) –  Two Ashburn men were upset over a huge beehive. Not only were the bees coming up on the porch next to the men, but tree cutters wouldn't touch a huge tree in their front yard because of the bees.

Thursday morning, Zeke Mack and his roommate Kerry Moore woke up to a huge surprise. They say the city pulled up around 9:30am and sprayed the hive and slowly but surely those bees dropped to the ground.

Zeke and Kerry are finally able to relax on their front porch.  "Now that half of them [are] on the ground, I feel a little better. I can sit on the porch a little longer... ain't gotta worry about fanning the bees," said Mack.

Hundreds of pesky bees they had been dealing with for months were finally dead after the city sprayed the hive and hundreds of bees fell to the ground.  "We ain't gotta worry about them flying on the porch but a lot of them are still up there," said Mack.

They still had to deal with the occasional visitor.  So they came up with ways of dealing with the stray bees, until the tree cutters got rid of the branch with the hive. "I fan them away," said Moore.

"I stay in the house," said Mack.

Our camera was rolling when the brave tree cutter took his chainsaw to the branch with the hive as Mack and Moore anxiously watched from afar.

Once the hive came down, everyone crowded around the hive to get a close up look.

Moore and Mack say it's a big weight off their shoulders. "I'm glad it's down now, and I can sit on the porch and relax," said Mack.

"I feel better that they come out here and they did something about it, and I don't have to worry about my little niece or young neighbor," said Moore.

The men say they plan on putting the porch light they removed back up this weekend since bees should no longer be a problem. They plan to celebrate now that the bees are gone with a barbecue, since they can enjoy their porch in peace.

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