Viewpoint: Chief Conley deserves support

New Dougherty County School Superintendent Joshua Murfree and school board members say they believe in and stand behind teachers and principals.

But they don't believe there was tampering with standardized tests, though that is now the focus of a state investigation.

If those leaders are so proud to support employees, why did they hang the school police chief out to dry?

Chief Troy Conley wanted to fire Officer Keith Frazier for several problems.  He says Frazier failed to report two possible gang-related incidents at Merry Acres Middle School, including information from a bus driver who said he saw a student with a gun.

Frazier was also accused of leaving campus without permission during work hours.

When it came time to vote on Frazier's termination, board member Milton Griffin voted "no."

James Bush, Velvet Riggins, and Anita Williams Brown didn't even have the guts to vote.  They abstained, meaning Frazier kept his job.

Then-Superintendent Sally Whatley suspended him for 35 days, but when Dr. Murfree took over, he immediately reduced the suspension to 15 days.

That undermines Chief Conley's authority.  It wasn't a smart decision, and it certainly isn't an example of standing behind a good employee.