Viewpoint: Dougherty Co. Grand Jury makes sense

The Dougherty County Grand Jury recently offered some very common sense suggestions to local leaders.

They encouraged the use of banishment for repeat offenders. They said rather than our paying to lock them up, we should lock them out, of our County. This led their list of what we think are some very good ideas.

They also recommended an increased use of electronic home monitors, saying, house arrest for nonviolent offenders will save taxpayer's money. The Offenders use their own utilities and pay for their own medical care.

The Grand Jurors say those in jail should be used more on County work details, rather than using the higher paid County employees.

As a deterrent to crime, they ask mandatory jail tours, for all school students, 5th grade and higher.

They want enforcement of curfew laws for teens curfews from 10pm to 7am Monday thru Friday, and 11pm to 7am on weekends.

We agree with this Grand Jury, a representative group from our community, and call on our local leaders to follow their recommendations.