Viewpoint: Coaches must lead the way in sportsmanship

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Following a High School Football scrimmage between Fitzgerald and Wilcox County, a brawl broke out on the field.  The melee involved coaches, players and even fans.

We agree with one of the Superintendents who said she is embarrassed over the incident.  As well she should be.

But the biggest embarrassment is the whole thing started when two opposing coaches had words with one another.

This is the antithesis of good sportsmanship.  The coaches should be setting a good example for the student athletes they mentor.

We understand in the heat of a physical and emotional struggle of a football game, there can be momentary lapses in good judgment by young players.  But coaches are not allowed such lapses.

The Georgia High Association fined the two schools and put them on "Severe Warning Status".

Let's hope that's all it will take for these two schools  to be models of good sportsmanship.

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