Viewpoint: DCSS needs to assist CRCT probe

The Dougherty County school system is now under investigation because the leaders refuse to try to find out who tampered with standardized tests.

It is clear to the state that someone went behind the students and changed incorrect answers to correct answers so that the Dougherty County school system would not look so bad in its failure to educate the children.

The school system was given a chance to conduct its own investigation into this test tampering. Instead, they are in denial, complaining that they have not been shown enough evidence of the tampering.

Dougherty school system would not even provide a list of names of teachers or administrators they interviewed about the test tampering. The Governor called the system's internal probe "woefully inadequate".

Now the governor has appointed special investigators to come down and get to the bottom of the matter.

What are Dougherty County school leaders hiding? We don't know, but this State investigation could even be turned over to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution.

It's time for our school leaders to cooperate with this investigation, find out who did what, and get back to the business of educating the students.