Viewpoint: Armed citizens and the curfew

We can hardly put on a newscast these days without a story on a robbery, burglary, or home invasion in Albany, or one of our surrounding towns.

One of our biggest local stories last week was the wounding of a 15-year-old girl by a man who told police he was shooting at people who were kicking in his front door about 11:00 at night.

Luckily, she was only shot in the hand, and not in the heart.

We warned in another Editorial, that this was going to happen, and now it has.

Crimes like robbery, burglary, or home invasions are now so frequent that people are fighting back, as we predicted.

We've reported on multiple newscasts that citizens are arming themselves, and when people start shooting, the innocent and the guilty may be the one to catch a bullet.

In this atmosphere, it's even more important that parents obey Albany's minor curfew law. We have done dozens of stories on the curfew law, but the wounding of the girl last week proves that the law is being ignored.

Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their minor children are indoors by 11:00PM Sunday through Thursday, and midnight Friday and Saturday nights.

People who break the law invite an armed response by law-abiding citizens. Parents need to make sure their children aren't breaking the laws against curfew violation or any other laws. It might keep the child alive.>