Viewpoint: Police should show suspect pictures

We are all glad that five arrests were made, in the shooting and robbery at P&P Hardware.

One of the cowardly punks shot Walter Phelps in the back during the robbery. Three hours later, he used his stolen credit card at a Lake Park, Georgia outlet store.

But it took Albany police 11 days to find out the Phelps credit card had been used the same say as the shooting.

Then police waited eight more days before releasing the video of the credit card users to the media. Four days later, people who saw the broadcast video recognized the robbers and tipped off police.

But, why did it take police 11 days to figure out that Phelps' credit card had been used the same day it was stolen? And why did the police wait eight more days before releasing the video that ultimately led to their capture?

It's not like this is the first time surveillance video on TV led to arrests.

And the police know this. They know, there is an 80% capture rate with WALB's "Most Wanted" segments.

Police are constantly telling the public to pay attention, report suspicious activity, watch out for your neighbors. And the public has proven time and again they want to help. So we say this to all Law Enforcement: "When you have a picture of criminals, show it to the public."

What if these jerks hurt or even killed others after the Phelps shooting? Police should not waste precious time in getting us all surveillance video available.

They clearly will have the best chance for catching these crooks, if they ask for the public's help.