Viewpoint: Only 22% of registered voters turn out

Last week, you had the chance to help choose nominees for the most important political offices in Georgia, yet most of you didn't take advantage of the opportunity. Less than 22% of registered voters in Georgia cast ballots in the July 20th primaries.

That's a shame. It means that barely one of every five potential voters actually helped narrow down the candidates for every statewide constitutional office, including Governor and Lt. Governor. Every seat in the General Assembly was also on the ballot, so was a U.S. Senate race, and numerous local races.

It's not too late to have your voice heard in some races. On the Republican side, there are runoffs for four statewide offices, including Governor. There's one statewide Democratic runoff. You can check with your local election office to see if there are races in your city or county.

If you voted on July 20th, you have to stick with the same party for the August 10th runoff. But if you didn't vote last week, you can vote in either party's runoff.

Runoffs are often overlooked, but they are important. Sadly, voter turnout will likely be far less than the disappointing turnout on Primary Day. But we hope you'll do your part to surprise us.

Go to the polls, give your opinion, help elect the candidates you think are most qualified, and give Georgia's voter turnout rate a boost.