Viewpoint: Why we need the Riverkeepers

Recent events cause us to condemn the actions of some South Georgians, and praise those other community-minded citizens, who are trying to clean up their mess.

Washing machines, dryers, bikes, tires, and sheet metal were just some of the dangerous trash that volunteers pulled out of the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee creeks, and part of the Flint River a couple of weekends ago...

More than 100 folks gave up their time and energy for this hazardous clean up, organized by The Lee County Rivers Alive group.

In the past, the group has pulled an engine block and a soft-drink vending machine out of Lee County's creeks.

What an awful shame that irresponsible people would pollute our public waterways with these items that should be taken to the county dump.

In some cases, these items might even do a family some good, if they could be refurbished by Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

We shouldn't need people like the River keepers, who step in to fix what some folks spoil, but as long as we have people who stoop as low as these polluters, the need is there.

We commend the selfless work that was freely given by the creek and river groups.

The work you're doing is not unnoticed. We appreciate you, and the earth does, too.