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LASIK Specialist, Dr. Richard Eisner

 Millions of people worldwide have experienced the LASIK procedure firsthand and thousands of Central Georgians have trusted their vision to Dr. Richard Eisner. To find out why Eisner has become one of the most recommended names when it comes to performing laser vision correction, just ask any of his satisfied patients!

LASIK is the number one choice of refractive surgeons and patients worldwide to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses and contact lenses. LASIK treats low to high amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure works by reshaping corneal tissue layers just beneath the outer surface of the eye. It is generally a painless procedure with a very quick recovery for most patients.

There are no needles used, only a drop to numb the cornea to take away any pain sensation.  Over 8 million people have had LASIK surgery.

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