Viewpoint: People came together for Lee Co. animals

Lee County's new animal shelter recently opened and the completed project serves as a beautiful example of how the spirit of community can really make things happen!

The project was put on hold several times due to wet weather and at times, a lack of money.

Although the project was supported by $70,000 in SPLOST revenue, the dream of a refuge for animals became a reality thanks to several organizations, area businesses, and individuals…

The Fifth Friday Foundation, started by Musculo-skeletal Associates and Dr. Phillip Hajek, contributed $207,000 to complete the shelter. Every fifth Friday, MDA puts 100% of their profits into a charitable fund and they typically make smaller donations to several charities...

But they used recent funds to help Lee County complete the shelter. The Shelter also received $141,000 in other donations, including the donations of three Lee County children, who raised funds with the profits from their lemonade stand.

The shelter cares for 1,400 to 1,600 animals each year, and now, these animals have gone from living outside in the heat, rain, cold, and other extreme weather conditions to being cared for in a 3,200 square foot facility.

Again, SW Georgians have demonstrated that when a community comes together to accomplish a goal - things get done!