Where do I vote?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Voters will have the chance to nominate candidates for Governor,  Secretary of State, Attorney General, and many other offices.  But will voters show up?

The secretary of state's office and Dougherty County elections office aren't making predictions about how many people will turn out to vote tomorrow, but the numbers likely won't be great.

In the last Gubernatorial primary in 2006, fewer than 15,000 voters turned out to vote in Albany.

That's not even 34% of the registered amount, and the expectation is that about the same will show up tomorrow.

Elections workers set up voting machines at Covenant Presbyterian Church at lunch time today.

It's where Tim Olds serves as a pastor. It's also where he'll come to vote. "Good government begins at home," he says.

And he says it's a home grown responsibility to pick the leaders you want to govern. "You have to. It's who we are, we're Americans."

Unfortunately, of the 43,000 voters registered in 2006, only 14,603 showed up to vote in the primary.

More people are registered in Dougherty County now, but will they vote?

"It's very important to exercise their right because they have a say in who is going to govern over them and it's so important that you become a part of the process so that you chose the person who is going to represent you," said Ginger Nickerson, Elections Supervisor.

"Apathy is everywhere and the citizens just need to come out and do their job, do their duty. We are the people and the people need to be seen and to vote," Olds said.

Vote for who they want to make the best decisions for them in the coming years.

Maybe you don't know exactly who you are going to vote for, or even where you are supposed to vote tomorrow.

You can get a sample ballot and find your precinct by going onto the secretary of state's website and entering just a little information.

This is my sample ballot, seven pages long, so go ahead and do your homework tonight so you aren't at a loss at what to do when you go to the polls tomorrow.

Elections workers were busy today setting up the 28 voting precincts in Dougherty County.

You can vote between 7 AM and 7 PM. If you're not in line by seven you won't be allowed to vote.

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