Gulf claims may be sold short

APALACHICOLA, FL (WALB) - By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

Apalachicola, FL - (WALB) - Lawyers are warning people affected by the gulf coast crisis to do some research before entering a claims settlement with BP.

They say most people don't understand how the civil process works and if they're not careful, they may end up short changed, with not enough money to fully recover from the oil crisis.

Legal counsel may be free depending on the value of the claim.

"The issue here is making sure that when you go file your claims that you don't undervalue your claim," said Tallahassee Attorney Tim Howard. "That you know the long term impact of this. That you know the economics, the accounting, the long term chemical and environmental impacts and you can't go around settling them lightly. Because once you settle them, you can't go back again."

Lawyers also warn that many people are recognizing BP as the only defendant, when in actuality, there are five other defendants in this case.

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