Viewpoint: Your vote is important

We are only a few days away from another election that will decide the candidates who face each other in the November General Election.

We hope that voter participation in the Tuesday election is better than what we're hearing from election managers. They tell us that early voting has been embarrassingly low.

We hope this does not indicate widespread apathy for the Primary Election.

As we saw in the 2008 presidential election, the voice of the voter is crucially important to our democracy.

While we aren't electing a president this time around, we are choosing a governor, lieutenant governor, U. S. Congressmen, State House of representatives, and dozens of local offices.

The people who represent us in these offices have a bearing on what our government does. We hear people complaint that government is all-too-often unresponsive to the citizens.

We shouldn't make that complaint if we don't vote.

We encourage all citizens of voting age to exercise the franchise. If you are not registered to vote, please get registered.

Democracy won't work if we don't participate.