Oil spill spawns new environmental group

Seaside, FL -  Some folks here on the Gulf Coast started a non-profit group to encourage you to help end America's dependence on oil.  Little American flags are flying at the Raw and Juicy Organic Juice Bar in Seaside.

People have written pledges to help bring freedom from oil to our country on each flag. Something like carpooling or riding a bike more. It's an effort by Reclaim Our America.

"There were three of us standing behind the health food store with tears in our eyes going 'Oh my gosh, what are we going to do? Like, what do we do?'" said Reclaim Our America Co-founder Jennifer Kuntz. "These are our communities. How do we get involved and how to we have a voice and how do we come together to be strong instead of just waiting for something to happen."

They're now working with local government leaders to make sure they conduct their own water and air quality tests and hold town hall meetings to keep people up to date on developments with the oil leak.