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10 Country: Shellman Coffee Club

May 13, 2003

Shellman, GA-- In our fast paced world, people often don’t have time to stop and smell the coffee, unless you are one of the few who start their mornings with a cup and laugh.

In tiny Shellman, Georgia where living is easy, where they have too many buildings for rent, where pick-up trucks probably outnumber the people who live there, where some people start the day by unlocking their sense of humor.

Emerson Bryson’s coffee brings part of the sleepy town to life. He becomes a human alarm clock of sorts, and soon a group of friends known as the Shellman Coffee Club come for more than a cup of coffee; they come to protect themselves. “If you miss here, this crowd will talk about you. Of course, all they can say about me is something good, but I need to be here to hear it,” said Harold Lumpkin, Coffee Drinker.

About once a week, they eat sausage and pancakes, with a sweet blend of friendly teasing. “Everybody is lying about everything they talk about, they are telling lies,” said coffee drinker Jim Pate.

No Lie. Keith Fish moved from Washington State to Shellman “I kind of missed the one from back home. So, I just walked in an introduced myself and sat down.” He’s been welcome ever since.

The Shellman Coffee Club has made its rounds, starting 60 years ago in the old drug store. Then, it moved to another drug store across the street, and now into the old ice cream parlor building.

They gather every Monday through Saturday mornings at 8:00 to mix fact and fiction, with an appreciation for a simple thing in life. A good cup of coffee.

One of many consumed during their hour or so visit. Then, they move on. Emerson Bryson gets ready for the next visit, closing the door on a morning started with laughter, locking the door on a building up for rent, knowing they may have to move again, and knowing where there is coffee there is a meeting place for the Shellman Coffee Club.

A local businessman lets the club meet in the old Ice Cream Parlor building rent-free. You will find Shellman in southwestern, Georgia, about 45 miles northwest of Albany.

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