Viewpoint: Albany is good film country

Albany's movie-making church is at it again. Sherwood Baptist Church is about to wrap up shooting its fourth movie.

"Courageous" is the biggest production yet for Sherwood Pictures. That means producers are depending even more on community support, and people throughout Albany and far beyond are chipping in.

Like Sherwood's previous movies, this is primarily a volunteer production. Hundreds of church members are giving their time to make the movie a success, but so are a lot of people from outside the church.

Local officials helped by allowing producers to shoot scenes in public facilities such as the Dougherty County jail. Some business owners also welcomed film crews in. And when producers had to block off entire streets to shoot scenes, they say drivers were even more patient and courteous than they expected.

"Courageous " is also getting attention outside south Georgia. Media outlets and volunteers from all over the country came to Albany to report on or help with the filming. It's more positive publicity for our community as a result of a Sherwood film.

The church has had incredible success producing movies with a positive message. We're proud of that success. We're also proud that Sherwood continues to film their movies here at home, and we commend everyone who played a role in making this latest project happen.