Georgia man has an idea for BP

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   So many people have called us with suggestions on how to stop this oil flow.

BP even has a section on its website for people to submit their ideas.

Henry Sizemore says hay and common work sense are what's needed. And to prove his point he has poured gallons of oil into his pool.

"I feel like this is a feasible way we can fight the oil spill and it won't cost an absolute fortune," Sizemore said.

A pool full of oil, water, and hay. "This is 15 gallons of burnt motor oil right here. In an 18 foot pool."

Tuesday Sizemore put hay bales inside plastic netting like Christmas Trees are wrapped in, then separated his pool down the middle with them. Then he poured the oil on one side, and waited overnight to see how the hay would hold up in water.

"And I found out they will float right on, but when they get the oil in them, they will float even better. When the oil gets in them, they don't sink," Sizemore said.

Sizemore says construction workers have been using oil to soak up hay, even in water for years. He shows us by pouring five gallons of used oil products.  "It's some of everything. Diesel fuel, burnt motor oil, hydraulic oil. See that, that's the water mixed in with it? It's coming out the bottom."

Sizemore says BP should using long tubes of hay to skim up the oil around the leak. "It's just plain ridiculous that something this simple and it's nothing new. Like I say we been doing it 30 damn years or better that I know."

Sizemore says he thinks BP and the Federal government have assembled too many Chiefs and not enough Indians in the Gulf to contain the oil spill. "We got people who are well educated, but they've never done anything."

Sizemore talked with BP officials three weeks ago, and spelled out his hay idea. He says they politely said thanks, but no thanks to his help. He is still watching as the oil spill spreads, and their attempts to stop it fail.

Sizemore has also drawn up his plan to seal the leaking oil pipe one mile under the ocean.

This is his mock up drawing to clamp onto and over the leak. He says it's the same kind of device that plumbers have used to seal leaking sewage pipes and irrigation machines for years. But so far BP has no use for his ideas.

If you have an idea you think will work, you can submit it to BP by clicking HERE.

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