Viewpoint: Teens Loitering

Summertime means an abundance of free time for kids and teens, and lately it's meant trouble for some Northwest Albany business owners.

Kids who are being dropped off at the movie theatre are loitering at nearby businesses. Drive behind the theatre this weekend and see it for yourself.

Our cameras caught some of them Friday night, and some of the comments we heard were:

"We get here in the morning there's trash everywhere, some of them have had broken pots."

"They've pulled the sinks off the walls in the bathroom, they go in groups of five or six."

"They smoke, drink, fight, you name it. it's happening. I've had to break up worse."

The business owners tell us that police show up and shoo them away, but they return as soon as the cops leave. This must stop.

We call on you parents to know what your children are doing. When you drop them off at the movie theatre, make sure they're actually going in and seeing the movie, not heading for the back door.

And talk to your kids about responsible behavior. Business owners told us they witnessed sex acts, drug use, vandalism, and abusive language.

It's just a matter of time before someone either gets hurt or arrested, and both of which can likely be avoided if parents will take responsibility for their kids.