Viewpoint: County Commission needs one more vote

We've been talking about 4.6% pay cuts for Dougherty County employees for quite a while now.

Last week, we called on the people in control of the county, the commissioners themselves, to lead by example, and subject themselves to the same 4.6% cut the rank and file is being forced to take.

Yesterday, the finance committee of the commission did that right thing, and voted to approve the cuts for the members of the commission. If the commission as a whole approves the measure, it will be official.

While the pay cut will save Dougherty County only $3,158 a year, the message sent by doing the right thing reflects the commission in a positive light, and we commend the committee for doing the right thing.

Now, more than ever, as Dougherty County employees enter their third year with no pay raise, and rising health insurance premiums, we need our elected officials to lead by example.

We call on the full commission to pass the measure that the finance committee approved, at its next meeting.

This action is the right, and honorable thing to do.