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ASU plans gun safety workshops

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Albany State University Police plan to hold gun safety workshops for students to protect them from shooting accidents.

An ASU student was shot in the head last week at an apartment off campus.  Police believe her shooting may have been the result of someone carelessly handling a gun.   

So now, University Police hope gun safety education will prevent such tragedies.

Police say 19-year-old Jasmine McCreary was hit by a bullet fired from a gun in a closet in another room. The bullet went through three walls before hitting her in the head. 

Investigators are still trying to determine if the 21-year-old student arrested fired the gun by accident.

But ASU police hope to prevent any other student from being shot, by teaching gun safety. 

An AK 47 was taken from a student on the Albany State University campus, even though guns are illegal there. University Police know some students will have guns, so they want to teach them how to own one responsibly.

ASU Police Chief Roberson Brown is planning gun safety workshops for students, to give them the basic knowledge needed to prevent tragedy.

"That's why I think a good workshop tailored to the students, to let them come and get hands on.  Get a feel for what the gun is like.  How to make it safe, that way I think we can eliminate these potential, whether it's on campus or not, happening to one of our students," Chief Brown said.

Just loading and unloading a gun can be dangerous for people who don't know the firearm.  Many modern magazine loaded handguns automatically chamber a bullet.

"People don't understand just taking the magazine out of the weapon does not necessarily render it safe.  You got to lock the slide back, and there goes the round that most people get shot by.   Because they don't understand there is one still in the chamber," Brown said.

The Albany State University Police train often with guns, so that they can use them if needed.  Now they are planning workshops for their students hoping to prevent injuries or death.

University Police may go to the residence halls to in the coming weeks.  They feel like if they can prevent one tragedy, it's worth it.

Police say that student, Jasmine McCreary, is improving after being shot in the head.  The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing.

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