Viewpoint: More badges on the street

Albany Police Chief John Proctor wants more officers on the street to fight crime.  He also wants to buy more technology to fight crime.

Let us say this loud and clear…we are all for crime fighting in the city of Albany.   But the reality of today's economy is we just don't have enough money to do all the things we would like to do.

So it's time for priorities.  We say to the Albany Police chief, the Albany city manager, the Mayor and Albany city commission, let's forego some of the technology and invest our money where it can do the most good.

That is, more officers on the streets.  Let's put the greatest effort into patrolling the streets and making them safer.

This will give our officers a better chance of catching burglars, thieves and criminals of all types in the act; instead of spending all their time writing reports about a crime that somebody got away with.

The crime rate will fall faster if the officers on the street can catch these thugs and thieves the first or second time they commit a crime instead of after they do the same thing ten times or never catch them at all.