WALB's Most Wanted: Unknown motorcyclist

On tonight's Most Wanted, an unknown motorcyclist who fell off a stolen bike and ran from police.

Just before eight o'clock Sunday night, Sylvester Police chased two motorcyclists who were driving recklessly toward Tifton on U.S. 82.

They got to Poulan, when all of a sudden, the bikes touched. One of them goes down,and the driver jumps up and runs off.

He headed for the woods and police haven't yet caught him.

They searched the area near Griffin-Houston Road with K9's but still no sign of him.

So if you're in that area, keep your eyes out for a young man who may be injured from his spill on that motorcycle.

He faces charges of motor vehicle theft and eluding officers.

The other motorcyclist, who's only 16, was captured after he crashed on 82. He has a badly injured leg.

And tonight, the one who got away becomes one of WALB's Most Wanted.