Viewpoint: Meth ads hit hard

We hear more reports of criminal activity dealing with the making of methamphetamines in the news these days.

Thirteen people have been arrested in Worth County in a large meth operation.

A high speed chase through Colquitt County was the result of a meth-maker running away from police.

A man who investigators say is a possible ring leader in methamphetamine operation was arrested in Decatur County.

All these incidents happened just this month in South Georgia.

Meth is cheap to make. It's also extremely dangerous, and it's highly addictive. Some people become addicted the first time they use it.

That's why the Georgia Meth Project is running some ads on WALB that many consider 'over the top.'

These ads are shocking, and they're meant to be. They show just a slice of the reality that meth industry produces. And if they make just one young person turn away from the temptation to use this awful illicit drug.

The brief high that comes from meth is frequently followed by a lifetime dependency, crime, and degenerate behavior addicts engage in to obtain their fix.

WALB supports the fight against meth, and we urge anyone, especially young people, to remember these ads when they're offered meth.