CrossFit Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I am just getting back into shape. Won't CrossFit be too hard for me?"

A: NO! The time to start is now! If you're like most people, you've probably been thinking about getting in shape for some time. Now it's time to take action! IF YOU CONTINUE TO PUT OFF MAKING A DECISION ABOUT GETTING IN SHAPE, YOUR BODY WILL DECIDE FOR YOU! Remember the CrossFit workouts are "scalable" based on your current level of fitness. Adjustments can be made to the amount of weight, the number of repetitions, and/or distance making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. As you advance so will your workouts!

Q: "What is the WOD?"

A: The WOD is the selected Workout of the Day. The CrossFit program is centered upon constantly varied, functional movements performed at a (relatively) high-intensity. So EVERY workout is different! (For that reason, you should try CrossFit—and give it your all—for 1 month before you decide it's not for you!)

Q: "Is the WOD really all I need to do?"

A: YES…. as long as you are working as hard and as fast as you possibly can! The workouts must be performed at a high intensity to get the maximum benefit from this program. Gyms and health clubs will have you believe that long, boring workouts consisting of isolated movements (leg curls, leg extensions, hip abduction/adduction a.k.a. the "inner/outer thigh machines", lat raises, triceps kickbacks, etc) and extended aerobic sessions (20-40 minutes or more on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike) will lead to your fitness success. Well, haven't we all been there… done that? At CrossFit we work exclusively with compound movements and shorter high intensity cardiovascular sessions. Why? Because compound or functional movements and high intensity anaerobic cardio is radically more effective at eliciting nearly any desired fitness result.

 Q: "What is the format of the classes?"

A: All classes are conducted in a small group setting. CrossFit is the sport of fitness! As with any sport, at World Camp CrossFit you'll find community, camaraderie, competition and fun! Classes typically begin with a warm up and dynamic stretching. Then we move into an overview of a strength and/or skill element that will be used in the Workout Of the Day (WOD). Once the warm up and skill/strength component is complete, we will perform the WOD (The WOD takes less than 30 minutes). Classes are typically about 45 minutes in duration.

The above description is only to be used as a general guideline. The actual use of class time may vary.