Kris Morrill, CPT

Owner/ Head Coach

Kris Morrill is a Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of World Camp Fitness/CrossFit here in Albany. He has been in the fitness industry for about five years now with the majority of that time committed to facility management and Personal Training.

Kris taught Health and Physical Education and coached various team sports at a nearby High School after College. Playing basketball throughout both his High School and Collegiate years, Kris has always had a soft spot for athletics. "I realize that my methods are often viewed as unconventional to the majority of the fitness community however, the clients that train with me understand the concept behind the program design."

CrossFit Level I Coach (Accredited)
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach
American Council on Exercise (ACE)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-OPT)

Contact Kris
(229) 343-5369