Viewpoint: We're proud of our Star Student

We've heard a great deal recently about our school system, and much of it hasn't been positive.

The news that Albany has made a great positive accomplishment on the education front is both timely and welcome.

A very special student at Albany's Westover High School has been recognized as a STAR Student, not on a local level, but he's also the STAR Student for entire state of Georgia!

Michael Lomax is a motivated student. He's always hard at work at his job, or studying so he can make the best grades.

Michael gives 100% at everything he does.

This young man is a great role model for any one. He does not come from privilege, but is a working class person, who was raised by a single mom, and has been working a couple of years himself to help cover expenses.

"Being poor is not an excuse.  There's a lot of help out there if you have grades.  If you are willing to learn, if you're willing to study, if you're willing to go above and your capacity, what you can do.  Being poor is not an excuse to not do well in school," he said.

Lomax credits his eighth grade teacher Carole Wiles as being one of his inspirations for working so hard in school.

As Georgia's STAR student, Lomax received a $5,000 scholarship.

He not only has a full ride to Yale, which would cost $53,000 a year, but he is also one of a thousand students in the country to receive the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which will pay for most of his expenses for graduate school.

Remember the name Michael Lomax. He is making us proud now, and no doubt, will continue to do so from now on.