Supplies pouring in for Gulf Coast wildlife relief

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – South Georgians have donated supplies at Harvey's Supermarket to help rescue teams save animals that may get caught in the oil spill.

"We're collecting blue dawn dish washing liquid to help wash the animals, and Pepto-Bismol for the ones who ingest it," said Lisa J. Overman, Harvey's Director of Marketing & Advertising.

Harvey's is collecting the items at all of their 69 stores.

"We're strictly the vessel to make this happen, we couldn't do it without the customers and the employees," said Overman.

Chet Powell will lead a group to help with the rescues and rehabilitations through the newly formed Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association.

"It formed two days ago while we were sitting in Albany eating lunch and today we've got about 400," said Chet Powell, Georgia Wildlife Rescue Assn.

Volunteers and other wildlife experts from South Georgia will use the donations when they're called to the coast.

For now the items are being stored at a facility in Adel.

"Good location near the interstate, very convenient, free of charge that's the best part," said Powell.

As they move the donations out of the stores and to the staging area the list of necessities changes.

"That list will vary as we see we're short on one particular item," said Powell.

The longer the oil threatening the coast takes to come ashore the more time they'll have to collect the need supplies for cleanup.

"It gives us more time to get prepared, collect supplies, and to get some training," said Powell.

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