Viewpoint: Way to go Georgia lawmakers!

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The 2010 session has come to a close and it was one of the most productive sessions in years.


With major priorities such as water, transportation, taxes and ethics addressed during this year's session, many are crediting a "change of tone" during the session under new House Speaker David Ralston's leadership as the reason for the session's success.

According to House Speaker Ralston, there was no big secret.  It was about toning things down and having a positive dialogue.  They focused on issues instead of personalities.   He sought to bring "stability" to a chamber which had often been at odds with the Senate.

After House Speaker Ralston gaveled the legislative session to a close, he reportedly strolled to a side chamber and embraced a long line of lawmakers – from both parties - as he patiently waited to talk to the media.

How refreshing!!!

You mean if people talk things over, in spite of differences, things might actually be accomplished???

Even though the final touches are now up to the Governor and other state leaders and even though there are some issues that still need to be addressed.

Among these is the question of whether or not citizens of Albany and Dougherty County are open to consolidation, we commend our representatives for the work they've done and for a spirit of cooperation.

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