Viewpoint: Oil crisis volunteers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico from a crippled deep water rig.  President Obama says the growing oil slick could create an unprecedented environmental disaster.  

Tens of thousands of animals in fragile areas of the Gulf Coast could get caught up in that muck.  Generous south Georgians are coming to their rescue.

A team of animal experts from our area, including former Reed Bingham State Park manager Chet Powell and Flint Riverquarium bird specialist Amanda Barber, is on standby to go to the Gulf.

They know they'll be in for physically and mentally demanding work, but they're volunteering to take on the challenge.

And they're getting help from plenty of people like you.  When we announced that all Harvey's Supermarket locations were collecting donations of towels and animal crates and other items to help with animal rescues and rehabilitations, many of you responded quickly.

Things on the coast are only going to get worse.  But as we watch this difficult story unfold, we can be proud of all the south Georgians who are donating their time or expertise or money to try to help the innocent victims of this disaster.

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