Viewpoint: Poor driving habits

Today I want to speak for a moment on driving on Georgia's highways.

Despite the high cost of operating a vehicle, we seem to have more cars on the road than ever. And we all see examples of poor driving habits.

It seems many drivers don't understand the concept of the four-lane limited access road, which is patterned after Germany's Autobahn.

In this system, the right lane is for slower traffic, and the left land is for faster traffic. Many drivers don't know or don't care that you're

supposed to move into the right lane if a car come up behind you in the left lane.

These drivers will pay a cost if they block the flow of faster traffic in Georgia, however. The Georgia House of Representatives approved a

$75 fine on people who drive below the speed limit in the left lane.

We think this bill ought to become the law in Georgia.

Georgia's new Move-Over Law is already on the books. It requires drivers to move-over for emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the

highway. Thirty states have adopted this rule, to keep officers and traffic violators safe from collisions with passing cars.

And this law carries a fine that will REALLY lighten your wallet: $500…

It's unfortunate that these laws are needed, but we support both.

In a time when some drivers are seen eating, talking on cell phones, even texting while operating a three-thousand pound vehicle traveling

60 or 70 miles an hour, we need to make sure that we make our roadways as safe as we can.