Viewpoint: Who's on HUD's hook???

I'm afraid we are witnessing another "fleecing of city taxpayers."

The city of Albany has to pay back HUD, The Department of Housing and Urban development, $374,000 of your hard earned tax dollars.

Cutliff Grove Baptist Church wanted to build low cost housing near their church.  That's commendable, but since the plan was approved back in 2005, almost nothing has happened.  

There is no development, not even one shovel of dirt turned on the proposed site of these homes.

And it's not like the government didn't give the project enough time to get going.  It's been Five years.  We don't blame the feds for demanding their money back.

So our question to our city leaders is who was looking out for the city's and the local taxpayers' interest.  No one it appears.

It's time people were held accountable. The Feds attitude is:  We gave you 374 thousand dollars to build housing.  You didn't do it.  Give us our money back.
The City of Albany has to take the same stance with Cutliff Grove.

No housing built.  Where's our Money?  We want our $374,000 NOW.