WALB's Most wanted: Harry J. Parker

(Source: Leon Co. FLA. Sheriff)
(Source: Leon Co. FLA. Sheriff)

On tonight's Most Wanted, a Florida man who crossed the line into Georgia to steal, and stole from the wrong man.

Take a look at 34 year old Harry J. Parker of Tallahassee. Nice hair, huh? He is wanted for stealing lawn mowers and four wheelers in Brooks and Thomas Counties in Georgia, and Jefferson and Leon Counties in Florida.

But Parker and two accomplices went too far when they broke into Bruce's Outdoor Equipment in Brooks County. They cut the fence and loaded a lawn mower onto a stolen trailer and took off.

But, the lawn mower they stole belonged to Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey.

Oops. The Sheriff had put his mower in the shop for repairs. Just so happened a deputy spotted the truck and trailer stopped alongside the road and pulled over to question them, and they took off.

He caught two of them, but Parker got away and now he's on the run and officer needs your help to find him.

Do you recognize him?I'm sure if you've ever seen him with this hairdo, you'd remember him. He was spotted last night on the porch of a house in Tallahassee.

If you know where Harry J. Parker is, please call the Brooks County Sheriff's Office at 229-263-7558.

The Sheriff would like a word with him. Tonight, Harry J. Parker becomes one of WALB's Most Wanted.