WALB's Most Wanted: unknown Camilla robbers

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Two unknown robbers who shot two people during a convenience store holdup last Thursday night at the Route 66 Exxon store in Camilla.

Just before 10 pm April 1st,  two men rushed inside, stuck gun in two clerks' faces, grabbed a customer who was standing outside, dragged him back into the store and shot him.

They then forced the clerks to give them money, and on the way out, opened fire. One of the clerks was shot and the customer was shot again.

The men wore masks or hoods to conceal their identities, but maybe you recognize something about their movements.

These two men are dangerous and clearly have NO regard for human life. They need to be locked up and maybe you can help catch them.

If you do, you could get five thousand dollars cash. If you even think you might know who they are, please call Camilla Police at (229) 336-2238 or the Thomasville GBI at (229) 225-4090.

Tonight, these violent unknown robbers become two of WALB's Most Wanted.