Guest Viewpoint: Taxpayers' vices are drowned

Broken, inefficient, and event corrupt government such as what we have in Albany does not just happened overnight. It is an evolutionary process that stems from decades of public apathy, surrender, or a deferral of the problem to someone else.

For the past 30 years, Albany and Dougherty County have slipped into the abyss of failed government, corruption, crime, excess taxes, and a failed, if not corrupt public education system, causing numerous people wanting to leave, and few who want to live here.

All of this countywide government failure and waste goes on right in front of the very people who financially support it - the taxpayers of Dougherty County, a vast minority of 15% of the population that fiddle while Rome burns.

If you belong to this 15% taxpaying minority, who is out voted 4 to 1 at the ballot box by folks who pay little or no taxes, you have one last opportunity to protest - or forfeit your right to complain.

Every business and property owner has until April 1st, 2010 to file a one page property tax return in order to not only appeal these unjust inflated property values, but to voice your protest against local government waste, mismanagement and a failing public education system.

This (15%) taxpaying minority controls over 90% of this community's wealth, resources, and technology until you voluntarily surrender it to the non-taxed majority by doing nothing.

This form can be faxed to you by calling the tax office at 431-2157, or pick one up at our office at 1930 Dawson Road.

You only have until April 1st to file your return and our Taxpayers Association will assist you in preparing your return.