Guess who's 25?

By Chris Tye

Albany, GA (NBC/WKYC) --  It was twenty-five years ago that four keys on our keyboard formed a union that would change our world forever.

"25 years ago a company called Symbolics registered the first ".com" domain name for the world wide web," said Michael DeAloia of LNE Group in Cleveland.

In the quarter century since, the way people communicate, purchase, educate, and entertain themselves has changed dramatically.

"I bank online, bought my last car online, got my insurance online," he said.  

And he is not alone -- 1.7 billion people on earth use websites -- largely with .com suffix to drive an economic tidal-wave.

And the next shoe to drop may be equally staggering.  DeAloia says it's called IPv6 -- aka: Internet Protocol version 6.

IPv6 will mean that there will be an Internet device in every device that is manufactured -- from your sink to your fridge to your phone.

"Once fully implemented there will be more IPv6 devices than grains of sand on planet.  Trillions and trillions of devices, all interconnected.  Euphoria or destruction, depending on how you look at it."

For the time being though we remain a .com world -- 25 years running, and getting bigger every day.  All because of four keystrokes that changed our world forever.