Viewpoint: So. GA's response to Haiti is strong

That powerful earthquake that hit Haiti this month is one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern history. The suffering in that impoverished country is unimaginable, and the need for help is overwhelming. We're proud to see many of you doing what you can to help.

Over the past couple of weeks, WALB News 10 has done numerous stories about south Georgians coming to aid of earthquake survivors. A doctor from Albany gave up her vacation to travel there to treat victims. A doctor from Tifton collected and delivered medical supplies.

Then there's the college librarian from Valdosta who cleaned out his life savings and doubled his donation by convincing his friends to give too. And the Albany elementary student who took his savings to buy pallets of water.

We've told you about Dougherty County students who donated thousands of dollars to the Red Cross. And people who added a few extra bucks onto their grocery bills to help with relief efforts. And Mission Change, the Albany-based charity that organized flights to deliver emergency supplies and evacuate Americans from Haiti.

Your response to this disaster has been nearly as overwhelming as the disaster itself. It makes us proud to be south Georgians. We thank you for your contributions and urge you to continue to remember the people of Haiti and support them in their long and difficult recovery.