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State Troopers urge caution on roads


MONTGOMERY, AL - Winter weather forecast for Alabama likely will result in snow-covered or icy roads and hazardous driving conditions in some areas. Alabama's state troopers are encouraging all motorists to drive with extreme caution. Troopers offer the following tips to help ensure safe winter travel: 

  • · Keep your vehicle in good operating condition. Check antifreeze levels and use windshield washer solution suitable for freezing weather conditions. Keep gas tanks at least half full.
  • · Remember that weather and roadway conditions can quickly change. Adapt speeds to existing roadway conditions and be alert to changing weather and the possibility of icy, slippery roads.
  • · During inclement weather turn on headlights and windshield wipers and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other motorists.
  • · Avoid travel, if possible, when icy or other extremely hazardous driving conditions develop in your area.
  • · Pay particular attention to bridges and overpasses, which have a tendency to develop extremely hazardous "black ice."
  • · Keep blankets, a first aid kit and other emergency supplies in your vehicle. 

Motorists are encouraged to monitor local news for information on weather conditions and travel advisories and to contact trooper posts only to report traffic crashes or other emergencies. Motorists with cell phones may dial *HP (*47) toll-free to report roadway emergencies to a state trooper post. 

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