Guest Viewpoint: MCLB Maintenance Center remains constant employer

by Dr. Anthony Parker
President, Albany Technical College

I have heard people say that the era of manufacturing in Albany is over. Merck is gone… Cooper Tire is gone, and McGregor is gone.

But, there remains an unsung manufacturer that has been a part of the Albany economy for 55 years- The U. S. Marine Corps' Maintenance Center Albany.

If you think of the Marine Base as a city, the Maintenance Center Albany would be the city's largest employer.

Nearly 40% of MCLB's 4,500 employees work at the Maintenance Center.

The one-billion dollar repair facility generates a substantial amount of revenue in our community and provides thousands of jobs.

Albany Technical College has provided artisans and technicians for the maintenance center since 1961 and has worked closely with the Maintenance Center during the last five years.

During that time, the Maintenance Center's manufacturing activity grew steadily, allowing them to employ more Southwest Georgians, and Albany Tech graduates.

To support the success of the Maintenance Center Albany and MCLB, Albany Tech developed a comprehensive Associate of Applied Science in Business Logistics Management program.

Our associate degree logistics graduates also have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor's in applied technology in logistics from Albany State.

Available in a traditional classroom setting or online, our program allows civilian and military personnel who are deployed overseas to continue their education.

Every day, Marines' lives are saved because of the dedicated work of MCA employees.

The Albany economy perseveres with the help of continuous activity at the Base and Maintenance Center.  And, we have more opportunities for educational and innovative development thanks to the Bases' partnership with Albany Tech.

An often overlooked giant, Maintenance Center Albany deserves a well-earned salute for its vital role in our city, our nation, and across the globe.