Viewpoint: Haitian relief needs to be done right

We have reported any times about the help that Americans have generated for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. From Albany schools, churches, hospitals, and our military base, aid in the form of supplies and expertise are on the ground, doing the hard work of helping this dysfunctional nation recover.

Recently, we heard news reports that there has been criticism of the help that America is providing.  That it's not enough, and isn't fast enough.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist called on the federal government to step in with money to help his state deal with all the intensive care Haitians are getting at Sunshine State medical facilities.

It's only fair that Florida ought to get some help, in the form of money, and in the form of spreading the medical burden among more states.  Just because Florida is the closest American state to Haiti, doesn't mean they ought to get a disproportionate share of the expense of this disaster.

NBC's Kerry Sanders reported that some badly needed supplies sat undistributed in Haiti because a 'tax' of the supplies had not been paid. This was just an out-and-out bribe to some Haitian official.

The Obama administration ought to spread the burden of Haitian medical cares. It could also get the attention of what passes for the Haitian government, and make it clear to officials that this kind of shameful profiteering could result in a decrease of American aid.

Americans have always been the most generous people on earth, but even Americans have limits to their patience and goodwill when their contributions aren't handled properly.