Viewpoint: School Board Review

On February 4th, WALB-TV, WFXL-TV and the Albany Herald newspaper filed a lawsuit to halt what had become an illegal and flawed school system hiring process.

We believe the Dougherty County Board of Education violated Georgia's Open Records laws in not making public its finalists for the superintendent's job.

This lawsuit was filed in an effort to protect your rights, and the rights of all the taxpayers of Dougherty County. We recognize that this school board issue and subsequent lawsuit have possibly created division in this community.

But this is not a time to divide, there is a common issue here that should unite us all.

The actions of the school board, and any elected board, ARE your business. It's not okay for decisions to be made behind closed doors and outside the public view.

That is why your three media companies are going to court. We believe in open government and so should you.

It is our hope that this community will come together in support of what's right, and recognize this legal challenge for what it truly is – a fight to protect your right to know.