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Give your wardrobe an eco-chic update

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(ARA) - For many, the new year is synonymous with a new wardrobe, with closets stocked with the fruits of holiday sales.

But with the economy struggling, many people are forgoing the new duds this year. In fact, a survey conducted by Cotton, Inc. found that 45 percent of people held back on buying clothing this year.

Still, there are ways to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank. A thrifty, environmentally conscious and fun new trend may provide the perfect answer. It's called clothing swap, and thousands of people are finding that it offers the perfect way for them to refresh their wardrobe. Rather than shop at a store, they shop in other people's closets.

Interested in hosting a clothing swap? Here are a few tips from Suzanne Agasi, founder of Clothing Swap, Inc.

Step 1 - Get the word out
Clean out your closets and get the word out about your clothing swap house party sooner rather than later. This gives your guests ample time to clean out their closets and find items to contribute to the swap. Three to four weeks in advance should be about right. In your invites, give your guests the following instructions:

* What to bring: Clothing and accessories in all sizes that are wearable and freshly laundered. Try washing your clothes with Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent and Green Works Natural Stain Remover, all of which are made up of at least 95 percent plant-based ingredients. The products are dermatologist tested and won't leave a chemical residue.

* What not to bring: Avoid bringing any items that are ripped, dirty, stained, have a broken zipper or are otherwise unwearable.

Inform your guests that all items that aren't swapped at the party will be donated to a local charity.

Step 2 - Prepare for your party
You can create a successful swap by designating different areas of your home for different articles of clothing or arrange them based on size.

Set up different tables clearly labeled with sizes or type of clothing to encourage your guests to help you "organize" when they arrive.

Step 3 - Serve up some tasty treats
Light appetizers such as cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies and dip are great. Or, invite your guests to bring their own dishes and create a potluck event.

Step 4 - Swap 'til you drop and take home your favorites for free.

Step 5 - Help a local charity
If there are remaining clothes and accessories that have not been swapped, contact a local charity that accepts clothing donations.

Step 6 - Feel great
Enjoy new-to-you items and relish the fact that you're being kind to your wallet, your closet, your community and the environment.

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