Viewpoint: Thanks to the searchers

Early last week, when a little boy disappeared on one of the coldest night's of the year, WALB put out a call for help and many of you answered it.

When Albany Police found out 9-year old Jyquez Miller was missing and may be in danger in the bitter cold, they notified us.  We reported the need for volunteers.

Hundreds of people showed up, from emergency workers in adjacent counties to moms and dads simply worried about a little boy they didn't even know.

It didn't matter to them what part of town Jyquez was from, the color of his skin, what his parents do for a living.  All that mattered was a child was in danger, and they wanted to help.  Many of those volunteers searched all night.

The searchers didn't find Jyquez that night, but not for a lack of trying.  He showed up at home the next morning after apparently spending the night outside.  After being hospitalized for a few days for hypothermia, he went home, and he'll be okay.

Emergency workers promise to analyze the response to see what worked well and what could be improved, so if something like this happens again, they'll be even more prepared.

Jyquez's family publicly thanked everyone involved in the search, and we'd like to add our thanks as well.

The response that night is the kind of thing that restores your faith in people and warms your heart, even on a freezing cold night in south Georgia.