Viewpoint: Why no input on consolidation?

Well here we go again on the City -County consolidation issue. Last week, four County Commissioners voted against your right to vote on this issue, and choose how we will be governed in the future.

Let's set aside the commissioner's selfish and small minded motivations about this, and focus on what are the most important reasons to consolidate?

Two reasons- reducing crime and improving elected leadership!

Whatever your views are on: race, taxes, health care, and education, you must admit we cannot continue to tolerate the high level of crime on our streets. A consolidated City-County police force will reduce the in-fighting, errors, miscommunications, vastly improving coordinated efforts, focusing on the job of protecting you, your families, and your businesses.

Again whatever your views are on these major issues, the quality of our leadership simply must be improved. You surely see clearly, not enough good people will agree to run for office. Logically, the larger the area we can recruit potential leaders from, in new consolidated districts, the higher the quality and quantity of those running for office.

The Consolidation issue is being presented to you as complicated and impossible to see clearly.

Not so…This is just the way your current leaders are defending their turf, and the status quo…