Viewpoint: Thank our troops

It's Christmas Eve. Many of you will spend this special day with family, but many people serving our country won't have that opportunity.

Right now, thousands of Georgia National Guard troops are in Afghanistan. A couple of weeks ago, two Civilian Marines from the Maintenance Center at the Marine Corps Logistics left for Iraq.

They joined other civilians already at work their repairing vital and lifesaving military equipment.

A squadron of airmen from Moody Air Force Base recently returned home, but rescue and security groups from Moody are constantly deployed to combat zones. And the 3rd Infantry Division from Fort Stewart and Fort Benning is back in Iraq for a fourth time.

It's especially difficult for those families to be separated this time of year, but it's a sacrifice they make for us.

So over the next week, if you see relatives of a Marine, soldier, sailor, airmen, or civilian who is serving our country overseas right now . . . give them a handshake or a hug and be sure you tell them Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Thank You!